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illegal Magic Club Paris


The Club illegal Magic Club


illegal Magic Club Our non-concept is indeed a concept.

Special, unforeseen events will take place on the spur of the moment.

We don’t announce them for a simple reason: no one knows who’s going to come and what’s going to happen: Tamariz’ show (thanks Gaétan Bloom !) was totally improvised, as was Greg Wislon’s mini lecture !

The preview of Gilles Arthur’s French TV magic specials was planned 2 days in advance and - as usual – totally free!

Real Rules

1) No subscription fee, no entry exam, no exclusion possible.

2) Under no circumstances and under no pretext whatsoever shall any one judge and no one will be judged.

3) Freedom close to total anarchy creates an impulsively creative mood.


Every Wednesday from midnight till the break of dawn and without exception, summer, autumn, winter & spring.


SHYWAWA, 7 rue du petit pont, Paris 5e


Anyone with special interests in anything.

Anyone ready to talk about anything.

Anyone ready to share anything.


Because you’re worth it.

After unanimous votes, the clubs rules were will be ratified by C.R.O.O.K.S. & Associates, Attorneys at Law (Paris)

Rule# 1: there are NO rules

Rule# 2: For those who transgress the rules, Rule# 1 will be rightfully enforced.

GARY DARWIN, le chef et fondateur du "DARWINS MAGIC CLUB" à Las Vegas explique son club. Nous, le "illegal magic club", nous sommes son petit frère à Paris. Même esprit, même jour, le mercredi, mêmes horaires que notre grand frère à Las Vegas. Darwins magic-club existe depuis 45 ans !

illegal magic club Paris ILLEGAL MAGIC CLUB PARIS